Welcome to Pentris

The gameboard is standing and the grid is 11 * 17 cubes.

Pentris is not an online game, but is played life in your livingroom.
The flat pentacubes are also called "pentominoes", are manufactured in beech wood and each pentomino exists triply, in total 36 pieces, .

The stones are chosen by chance like the tetris onlinegame did.

The stones "fly" from the front on the gameboard, one may leave behind areas ,
which could better fit later.
Nevertheless, the stones must remain lying solidly.
The choice of the stones occurs like with Tetris by chance with a card game
or with the application which you reach with the link "Pentris" below on this side .
The application runs using javascript. Tips to activate javascript are here.
The aim consists in laying all 36 stones .

The result is valued as follows:

Every not laid stone 5 minus points
Every vacancy in zise of :
1 cube 5 minus points
2 cubes 4 minus points
3 cubes 3 minus points
4 cubes 1 minus points
Areas consisting of five or more cubes are without minus points
The Android-App is ready for download.