The video shows the construction of task HARD Level 1 : the box 9 9 3 needs all 29 stones.

On the "Demo" page, you can choose this task and click for each next stone.

There is a java program running using the button "online spielen" and it's an applet actual running on firefox only and you have to reduce your java safety to enable in general applets to run.

In this ( english texted ) program you can use random tasks with different remaining stones for this HARD Level 1 and many other tasks.

There is an android APP in beta test, including many tasks with pentacubes. See here.

You can already use the "Demo" Button to see all tasks / solutions.
The booklet is just in translation, but the rules of the games are already translated.
If you are interested in the artcles, please contact me. If paying using Paypal is o.k. for you, you can buy all articles here.

PENTRIS is a very funny game for all ages: There are 36 flat pentacubes to be placed and you can use your handy going to the Pentris link to see the next stone to be placed.

The only task is to place all stones without holes.